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Timing cover
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Product Description

Mopar Performance Aluminum Timing Chain Cover
Fits: Small Block 273/318/340/360 & V6 w/ 9.600" Standard Deck Height, Raw Aluminum

Do you have a cracked or broken timing cover, and are tired of searching junkyards and swap meets for a replacement? If so, these Mopar Performance aluminum timing chain covers should put a smile on your face. They are all-new castings that have precision-machined gasket and sealing surfaces for superior leak resistance and durability. The covers feature a natural finish and pre-threaded mounting holes for a no-hassle installation.
Mancini Racin Billet 2-Piece Timing Cover, Small Block
This 2 piece cover for SB Mopar engines allows access to the timing chain without disturbing the oil pan seal. The timing cover is only 1.50 inches thick at the water pump mounting surface for reduced engine length. The TDC pointer is adjustable. Water pump mounts and timing chain cover surfaces are sealed with an o-ring for easy, leak free assembly. Additional mounting points are built in for the motor plate. The water pump can be removed without removing the motor plate.