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Mancini Racing
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Product Description

Mancini Racing Double Roller Timing Set
Timing Chain and Gear Set, Double Roller, Steel Sprockets, Mopar, Small Block, Set
Mancini Racing True Roller Timing Chain Set
Timing Chain and Gear Set, Performer-Link, Double Roller, Iron/Steel Sprockets, V6/Small Block, Set

Mancini Racing true roller timing chain sets are designed for use with either performance or stock cams. They have a solid-bushing chain for a true bearing surface that rolls with the sprockets, eliminating chain stretch. Crank gears are machined from SAE 1144 stress-proof steel. Most Mancini Racing true roller timing chain sets have three keyways to ensure accurate timing for early or late model vehicles, and to allow you to set cam timing 4 degrees advanced, 4 degrees retarded, or stock. However, 50-state (stock replacement) sets have single keyways. Mancini Racing true roller timing chain sets are not for use above 6,500 rpm.
Mancini Racing Billet Double Roller Timing Set
Fits: 273, 318, 340, 360,

Machined from billet steel and turned for greater accuracy on CNC machinery.

Mancini Racing Billet Timing Chain Set are supplied with inductioned hardened and multiple keyway crank sprockets (which have the keyways index marked for easier timing) and balanced camshaft sprockets and a true roller timing chain.