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Muscle Car Color History
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Charger, Road Runner and Super Bee
A detailed tribute to the hottest performers of the musclecar era! Chryslers B-bodies and their huge engines and mid-size bodies made pony cars like the Mustang seem small in comparison. This volume traces the B-bodys history from its Dodge Coronet/Plymouth Belvedere roots, through the 1968-1971 glory years, to its last gasp in the late 1970s. Includes engineering background, technical specs, and model details, plus interviews with Chrysler designers and engineers.
Barracuda and Challenger
Cudas and Challengers were the hottest thing going in the 60s and early 70s. See how they got there, what made them the huge success that they were, and why theyre now two of the most collectible musclecars around. Testing, early designs, racing, dragsters and street cars, plus all the facts and specs you expect.
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Chrysler Muscle Cars
Road Runner, Hemi Cuda, Challenger, Chrysler 300 - all of Chryslers fabulous muscle cars are featured in full-color photos that capture the speed, power and performance of Americas favorite street warriors. From the Belvederes, Super Bees, and Chargers in Americas back yards to their famous supercharged namesakes on the drag strips, theyre all here in clear color shots.
Hemi Muscle
Hemi Muscle
In this value-priced celebration of Hemi muscle cars, author and photographer Robert Genat celebrates the word that has been synonymous with speed, power, and muscle. Named for its hemispherically shaped combustion chambers, Chryslers iconic engine has powered some of the most powerful automobiles down Americas highways, drag strips, and race tracks. This book on Hemi muscle cars profiles all of the great cars that have carried the Hemi badge, from muscle car legends like the Road Runner, Challenger, Cuda, and Superbird to emerging legends like Dodge Hemi trucks and the next generation of Charger hitting the streets. Each profile features color photos detailing the vehicle and its engine, along with technical and historical information on the Hemi engine.
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HEMI - Muscle Car Color History
History of the Chrysler HEMI V-8 Engine and HEMI powered cars.
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East vs. West Showdown: Rods, Customs & Rails
East vs. West Showdown: Rods, Customs & Rails
In the early days of hot rodding, two distinctive schools of style emerged, based on the coastal extremes of the nation. The West Coast look was influenced by good weather, smooth roads and high-speed runs on the dry lakes, while the East Coast style evolved to conform to local laws and needed to deal with the rough roads common to the winter-ravaged region. These two different looks both define the era, however differently. The similarities and differences between the varying cars were a point of contention for many years, and the history of the era is celebrated in this new book.

Co-authors Joseph Alig and Stephen Kilmer are well-regarded magazine veterans who grew up on the East Coast, but have spent a lot of time on the West Coast covering rod-related events and vintage drag races. They are uniquely qualified to review the various hot rods, customs, and early drag cars the book features. As hardcore devotees of vintage style, Alig and Kilmer have hit a home run with the various old and newly-built rides they've selected for the book.

As time passed and the sport evolved, the coastal distinctions faded and combined to create a truly American look. While elements of the early cars live on for practical reasons (like weather), the ability to tell where a car was designed and built is no longer an easy test. It's great fun to look back to the time when regional differences and preferences were reason to argue, and this book reflects those times with a lighthearted nudge and a respectful wink.