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Torsion Bar Hardware

Mancini Racing makes changing your torsion bars with all the hardware needed.

Mancini Racing Torsion Bar Lock and Seal Kit
Fits: 1960-1976 A-Body, 1962-1977 B-Body, 1964-1975 C-Body, and 1970-1974 E-Body
Energy Suspension Torsion Bar Dust Boots
Torsion Bar Dust Boots, Polyurethane, Black, Mopar, Pair
Mancini Racing Torsion Bar Remover/Installer - A, B, C, E Body
The torsion bar remover and installer tool helps make it easier for you to complete either action with the torsion bar.
Mancini Racing Torsion Bar Adjuster A, B, E body Mopar
Torsion Bar Adjuster Body Styles A and B&E Part No. 35612